Aspire AVP Pro Coils 5pk

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5PK Aspire AVP Pro Coils are the ultimate replacement coils for Aspire AVP Pro tanks, offering both endurance and superior experience. These coils are available in both a 0.65-ohm mesh and a standard 1.15 ohm to cater to your vaping preferences. The mesh coil uses a metal lattice to surround the cotton while the standard coil uses wire-wrapped cotton. The mesh version, therefore, provides an extra metal surface in contact with the cotton to heats it evenly.

All Aspire AVP Pro Coils are press-fit, allowing you to replace them quickly and easily. They also offer technologies designed to enhance their longevity, including the Kanthal AF wire that lets the coils last longer.

Please note that Aspire AVP Pro Coils require replacement every one to two weeks. When swapping out your coils, remove the pod from the batter section and then pull out the old coil. Only replace your coil if the tank is less than half full. Any more than this could result in leakage.